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Events En Mer Avec Louise Bourgeois: A Thundering Notion

En Mer Avec Louise Bourgeois: A Thundering Notion

Michelle Beshaw

Sept 17 - 18 2016

Runtime TBA


Elfreth’s AlleyMap

En Mer Avec Louise Bourgeois_Michelle Beshaw


Louise Bourgeois awakes adrift at sea. A dreamy reverie of all things hoped for, lost and found.

$5 / 35 minutes

En Mer Avec Louise Bourgeois is a work in progress that will explore associations between Bourgeois’ biography and visual vernacular and my own.  Playing with puppets, toys, and other objects. The piece will travel across time and space moving from a small courtyard off Elfreths Alley through the Alley to the Museum House. The piece is being developed and will be performed with my sister, Deborah Beshaw-Farrell.

MICHELLE BESHAW Brooklyn theatre artist who has enjoyed working in venues from La MaMa, Mabou Mines and The Actor’s Studio to city parks, monuments, community centers, street corners, stairwells, and broom closets. Favorites from among her many and wonderful adventures in New York downtown theatre include original works: A Thundering Notion, presented at Los Kabayitos Puppet Theatre; The Napier Project as a resident artist in Mabou Mines Suite, 2000; Lulu: A Woeful Highseas Rhapsody of Sunken Wishes and Curious Fishesfor The Puppet Library in the Arch at Grand Army Plaza and Sheep Musing in the Valley of Sleeping Dogsin St. Ann’s Warehouse’s Labapalooza 2011.  Also notable: Dvorak in America as Anna Dvorak and others; The Life and Times of Lee Harvey Oswald as Oswald’s wife and mother; Twelfth Night as Viola, Sebastian, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, and Curio and The Very Sad Story of Ethel & Julius as Roy Cohn and costume designer, for which she won the 2009 Innovative Theatre Award for costume design—all with Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre; The East Village Fragments with Peculiar Works Project and all projects with The Puppeteers Cooperative. 

DEBORAH BESHAW-FARRELL is a puppeteer and cabaret performer residing in Brooklyn.  Michelle Beshaw, her sister, ranks high among her favorite directors, and Deborah has worked with her before in, among others,Sheep Musing in the Valley of Sleeping Dogs at the Labapalooza! Mini Festival of New Puppetry the Lab at St. Ann’s Warehouse in June of 2011 and The Napier Project for the Mabou Mines Artist in Residence Project.  Deborah is a long-time member of the Czechoslovak American Marionette Theatre, where she most recently played Jeanette Thurber/Mayor of Chicago/etc. in Dvorak in America; further favorite CAMT credits include Horatio/Ophelia/Gertrude/All of Fortinbras’ Army in Hamlet;  Socrates, Xantipa, etc. in My Dinner with Socrates; Perl in Golem; Valentine, Sir Toby, Olivia, and Antonio in Twelfth Night; Tessie in The Very Sad Story of Ethel & Julius; Peter Minuit and others in Once There Was a Village; Blond Singer, Jarmila, and Blanka in The Bass Saxophone; and  Mefistofl in Faust.  Other favorite performances include roles in Drama of Works’  KafKa, and Sleepy Hollow, which was performed at both the Puppeteers of America National Puppetry Festival 2015.




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