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Errant Limbs

Ruba / Bush Dance

Sep 18 - 19 2018

2018 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA


Mascher Space CooperativeMap

Two artists from different ends of the world come together at a point where embodiment and identity meet surrealism. The three pieces that make up Errant Limbs explore the midden heap in search of new ways of being in the body and in the world. This will be the artists’ first performance as Ruba / Bush Dance.

$15 / 60 minutes








Muyu Y. Ruba, Chinese artist, dancer, teacher and choreographer, started dancing at the age of three. She was trained in ballet, jazz, tap, modern, Chinese classical dance and Chinese folk dance. Muyu got her MFA degree from Temple University in dance, and she holds a BFA degree from Shanghai Normal University in dance. During her education, she participated in numerous performances. She cooperated with other forms of artists, such as puppet artists, installation artists, dance film makers and fashion artist. In the past five years, Muyu has gained experiences form performance and choreography both in China and United States such as, the 64th International Accordion Championships Opening Ceremony, Shanghai International advance Art Fashion Festival and 2015 to 2017 ACDFA. Muyu runs L&M Dance Studio in Chinatown, Philadelphia. Leslie Bush is a Philadelphia based performance artist and educator whose work describes notions of identity and embodiment by situating movement within chaotic landscapes. She employs several mediums- including set design, innovative technologies, and video installation- to encourage a re-imagining of concepts such as control, dis/organization, and autonomy. Leslie earned her MFA in dance choreography and performance from Temple University in 2017. Currently, she teaches dance at community arts centers around the Philadelphia region, and has been on adjunct faculty at Rowan University since 2017. Ms. Bush is a 2018 recipient of a Small But Mighty Arts professional development grant to develop a creative practice that blends movement and 3D printing.

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