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Events February Scratch Night

February Scratch Night

Feb 6 2017

Runtime TBA

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The popular, long running works-in-progress series on the first Monday of every month.

Come see a roster of Philly’s most talented artists perform new material from shows they are working on in this fast-paced sampling of contemporary theater, dance, performance art, and everything in between. Scratch Night features short performances by four-to-six companies/artists, offering an inside look at the future of performance.

This month’s lineup:

Photo by Mira Treatman

Mira Treatman vs. Gustav Holst by Mira Treatman

Gustav Holst’s seminal work “The Planets” (1916) has no reference to Earth whatsoever. This performance is a proposed addendum to the now deceased Englishman’s composition for, by, and in spite of our home planet. There will be dancing at the revolution around the sun.

Photo by Eloise Shieferdecker

That’s So Baby by Amalia Wiatr Lewis 

“This piece is a constellation of abstract experiments that I am using to find something bigger. These experiments say something about power dynamics and cleanliness. This piece looks at mothers and my mother and my mother’s death. It explores ideas of domesticity, internal psyches, and the self and the other. It is about being a woman.” – Amalia Wiatr Lewis

The Gallant by GALENT/Omar Gale

A short story telling and movement act based on autobiographical text.


Close Your Legs, Honey by Hannah Parke and Shamus Hunter McCarty

Close Your Legs, Honey examines how we as individuals regurgitate and impress ideas about body, food and sexuality on young minds and bodies before they are able to comprehend social expectations of shame and public presentation…THROUGH THE LENS OF A HIGH GLITZ BEAUTY PAGEANT!



Microtone by Murmuration

Improvisational and experimental music using cello, bass, violin and tap shoes.

Untitled by Ixchel Mendez & dancers

Working with a composer and creating movement with the dancers, this piece will have an underlying mechanical tone that parallels to the robotic motions of our day to day lives. The duration of this piece will be a journey of the human self to connect with each other in a seemingly non-personal society.


60 minutes

Free RSVP, $5 Suggested Donation

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