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Events Her: The Female Experience from Birth to Death

Her: The Female Experience from Birth to Death

Basement Poetry

Sept 10 2016

Runtime TBA

$2 – $15

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HerThis production tells the story of women and those who strongly identify with the female experience, from birth to death. With storytelling through poetry, dance, music, and acting. We give you a multi-dimensional look of what it’s like to live and breathe in the female body.

$2-15 / 90 minutes

Pictured: Brooke Whitmire     Credit: Allison Morales

Basement Poetry is a performance art company that was founded January 2015. This ensemble is an interdisciplinary group of emerging and establish artists and poets that takes their poetry to new heights. With movement, dance and song they develop devised works based on social and political issues. Since January 2015 they have produced 5 devised theatre productions. Their work has been produced at The Ice House, Lehigh University, Northampton Comminty College, and Touchstone Theatre. This would be their first production being self-produced in the Philly Fringe festival. For their next season they are hoping to expand into other literary art forms and produce original short stories and scripted plays. They hope to invite the community in creating art with them that is powerful, cleansing, and important.

Her is penetrating. Thank you for taking on the wide range of female experiences and making them matter. Wow! Still crying, snapping, laughing as I sing and reflect. Her is amazingly creative and meaningful entertainment. A true work of art.” – Dona Mosley

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