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Events Fishtown – A Hipster Noir

Fishtown – A Hipster Noir

Tribe of Fools

September 23 at 8:00pm

Runtime TBA

Cost TBA

Louis Bluver Theatre at the DrakeMap

A luddite private eye stumbles onto a virtual reality conspiracy when a new app allows you to live out your wildest fantasies . . . at a cost. Fishtown explores our addiction to technology, our loneliness in an over-connected world, and asks what constitutes reality. It’s Chinatown meets Black Mirror meets Roger Rabbit.

$15–$25 / 80 minutes
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Tribe of Fools is dedicated to creating hilarious and satirical new plays that blur the lines between theatre, dance, acrobatics, and other highly visual and kinetic storytelling techniques. Each year we present a new show that is as physically daring as it is poignantly relevant. Tribe of Fools has tackled issues like gender roles, violence, sexual identity, family, power dynamics, and even time travel. With our “signature sweet bad-ass approach to theater” we bring a sense of levity and fun to our productions in order to make complicated and difficult themes accessible and identifiable to the audience. Past Fringe favorites include Antihero, ZOMBIES . . . WITH GUNS, and Two Street.

Written by Caitlin Weigel Directed by Peter Smith Creator/Performers Joseph Ahmed, Zachary Chiero, Tara Demmy, Jenna Kuerzi, Kyle Yackoski Production Manager and Lighting Design Robin Stamey Stage Manager Jamel Baker Sound Design Damien Figueras Set Design Peter Smith Costume Design Lexa Grace Props Design Christine Gaydos Artistic Director Terry Brennan

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