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Fly Eagles Fly

Tribe of Fools

Sep 6-22 2018

Runtime TBA

$15 – $25

Louis Bluver Theatre at the DrakeMap


Gwen is a brand new Eagles fan and her office is full of opinions. Copy Mike is a lifelong fan, The Duke calls everyone out as NotRealFans™, and Lara is aghast at Gwen for liking such a #notfeminist thing. Fly Eagles Fly asks: what is fandom, what is community, and how do we reconcile the darker parts of things we love?

$15–$25 / 90 minutes



Tribe of Fools is dedicated to creating new plays that blur the lines between theatre, dance, acrobatics and other highly visual and kinetic storytelling techniques. Each year we present a new show that is as physically daring as it is poignantly relevant. Our ensemble push themselves to their physical limits while creating dynamic characters that make you laugh until they make you cry. Tribe of Fools has tackled issues like gender roles, toxic masculinity, violence, sexual identity, learning disabilities, family, power dynamics and even time travel. With our “signature sweet bad-ass approach to theatre” we bring a sense of levity and fun to our productions in order to make complicated and difficult themes accessible and identifiable to the audience. Tribe of Fools has been creating devised theatre and refining that process since 2003. Tribe of Fools creates original plays “in the room” by engaging actors, athletes, designers, directors and writers in a process that embraces play, raw theatricality and kinetic storytelling. The process is a mix of improvisation, playwriting, game play, commedia dell’arte, and circus arts to create shows that intelligently grapple with relevant social issues while remaining fun, accessible and entertaining. This style of creation has been the genesis for Heavy Metal Dance Fag, Antihero, Two Street, Zombies… with Guns, and Fishtown.

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