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Forever Never Lasts

See/Hear Now Pop-Up Enterprises Worldwide

September 10-11

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September 10 at 12:00pm

September 11 at 12:00pm

2022 Fringe Festival

Gallery Hours


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Gallery Hours:

Saturday, September 10, 12pm – 6pm
Sunday, September 11, 12pm – 6pm

Reception Saturday, September 10, 6pm-8pm

Have you ever played “telephone”? One person quietly whispers a message to the person beside them, who passes it on to the next, and so on, right down the line. Each time the message is relayed, there is a chance it will change through misunderstanding or mishearing. Other bits could be innocently altered, improved, or forgotten, and the original message might be very different from the last one told.


And so the nature of time and memory renders every recollection of the past and projection into the future as in a state of flux. What we believe or wish to be true, what we want or expect, what someone told us about the past or what we want someone to think–there are limitless reasons why tiny mistakes, embellishments, and projections happen and change reality over time.


With the work presented here, three artists use their license to tell their visual stories or projections with unique voices, to be perceived differently depending on who is viewing. Is it possible to get the facts straight, or does the message change depending on circumstance? Forever never lasts because nothing is static. It’s always changing.


Derek Ayres delves further into his recent allegorical game of subverting pastoral landscape watercolors with guitars and amps by changing the view from fake plein-air renderings to a first-person guitarist shoegazing her guitar pedals in nature. Pedals that color the sound, pedals that distort and change the signal.


Shannon Cronin shares recent narrative work in watercolor and collage depicting a concatenation of moments, flowers, and beings connected with a skein of red.


Christine Walinski brings abstract work inspired by the natural world. It is there that she finds repetition, rich earthy colors, organic shapes and lines, mossy textures and surfaces, crawling vines, delicate intricacies and maybe some welcoming distraction from everything else.


Works by all three artists will intermingle on the walls in an ephemeral conversation about time, art, and meaning.

Appropriate for all ages

Health & Safety

Audience members may choose to wear masks at this event, but they are not required. Vaccination cards will not be checked.



Derek Ayres’s current work is dead serious and funny as hell, walking a fine line between transcendence and kitsch.  It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it using watercolor. His solo effort “Plein Air Guitar” at last year’s Philly Fringe earned him a Fringie Award for Visual Art and helped relaunch a dormant art practice and inclusion in the group show “A Summer Series” at Axiom Contempory in Center City, Philadelphia. Check it all out at: and on Instagram @derek_ayres_art.


Shannon Cronin’s artistic practice explores the privacy, clarity, and complexity of interior life. Whether through still life, landscape, or part portrait, her work seeks to create a space of quiet and stillness that invites contemplation and discovery of meaning at the visceral level. Shannon lives and works in East Falls where she balances rigorous and rewarding practices in sustained silence, forest bathing, and noisy householding. More at and on Instagram @shannon_cronin_art.


Christine Walinski has met her creative work this year with an urgency unlike ever before. Taking lessons from the very inspiration that guides her, she remembers that nature is moving at the only pace it knows. She finds herself somewhere in the middle trying to allow the process to unfold. Christine lives and works in Manayunk with her super creative family. She is a teaching artist who inspires kids to find their own visual language. More work can be viewed at and on Instagram @christinewalinski.


About the Artist

Derek Ayres curates “Forever Never Lasts,” a fine art group show presented by See/Hear Now Pop-Up Enterprises Worldwide for the 2022 Philadelphia Fringe Festival. Ayres made his Philly Fringe debut in 2021 with his Fringie Award winning solo show “Plein Air Guitar.”