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It Gets Worse But Then.... Theatre Company

September 6-October 4

2021 Fringe Festival

1 hour


The InternetMap

Wheelchair Accessible

A stairway to heaven beside the water, a surprise garden just off of Pine, a bar outside of Fishtown, and glimpses into the Fae Wilds. Found is a scavenger hunt audio adventure where Philadelphia residents will go on the search for pockets of magic throughout the city. When they find special QR codes at these magical locations, which they’ll discover with the help of puzzles and clues released online, our audience members will find scenes of fairy life in Philadelphia. This includes audio dramas like an angry goblin fed up with guarding a magical mailbox, fairies playing “Humans & Houses” in a coffee shop, a stop motion video of trolls rating restaurants, and more.


*48 hr access* Thursday, Sep 9 – Sunday, Oct 3, 2021
Available for Streaming – Entire Festival


Playwright/Producer: Devan Callahan, Playwright/Producer: Doriane Feinstein, Playwright/Producer: Devin Randall, Playwright/Producer: Griffin Horn

Content Considerations

Appropriate for Ages 7+.

Some scenes may contain mild language.

Audience Instructions

Audience members, once they’ve purchased a free ticket, will be directed to secret links where clues (such as riddles in text, mysterious maps, and recorded speeches) will direct them to magical locations across Philadelphia. Once there, audience members will find a QR code to enjoy Found content.

About the Artists

It Gets Worse But Then… (IGWBT) Theatre Company is a collective effort between playwrights Devan Callahan, Doriane Feinstein, Griffin Horn, and Devin Randall. We’re here to transform the artistic process: to collaborate across art forms, to celebrate spontaneous connections, and to inspire new perspectives on the world around us.

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