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Funeral for Expectations

Julia Brandenberger

September 7 at 8:00pm

Runtime TBA

Cost TBA

Headlong Dance TheaterMap

It is with deep sympathy that I inform you of the passing of Expectations, who measured success. Your presence is requested at the funeral. A procession will lead you into a dark room, through landscapes fun and goofy, dark and deep. You will be invited to share of your own experiences with Expectations at the service.


Julia Brandenberger comes from a background of dance and theology and calls the intersection between the two “Rogue Theology.” It is based out of the tradition that the path of the artist is the path of service. It is rogue in that its expression is meant to be wild, unique and full of life in such a way that it juts out from common expectations. It is a theological discipline in that it is meant to speak to and serve the needs of the people from a spiritual ground.

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$13 / 50 minutes

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