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Garden of Vessels

Sina Marie (I Am a Vessel Youth Initiative)

Sep 8 2018

2018 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA


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Welcome to the future of the pop-up garden phenomenon. Imagine a garden where imagination and technology fall in love, cultivating the minds and innate abilities of the youth to a full bloom. Visionary Sina Marie creates an interactive experience. A diaspora from the underground up! We welcome you to…the Garden of Vessels.

$20 / 120 minutes




Garden of Vessels is a depiction of technology and community in our city and the effects it has on generations. It is an artistic town hall meeting so to speak. Art, theatre, and fashion of creative director Sina Marie fused with community influencers, Philly youth members tell a story of how we as a community can conquer anything! In Partnership with I Am A Vessel Youth Initiave.

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