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Glass Routes

Sep 3 - 7 2015

Runtime TBA


The Clay StudioMap

Wheelchair Accessible

glass movement_Glass RoutesEpic blown glass art performances on the streets of Philly, with a live music accompaniment. Toying with the idea of creation and destruction, breaking conventional ideas and glass. This repurposed 1967 fire truck turned into a mobile studio, and the ensemble of artists that follow, push the boundaries of their craft.

$12 / 180 minutes

Kalen Erion, owner, operator and collaborator of Glass Routes spent 5 years transforming a 1967 GMC fire rescue truck into a mobile glass blowing studio. This drive, innovation, and boldness continues to reemerge in his work. Partnering with 1638-39b20dc2c8ccc909f00f8f9764e06ed3Maggie Gallen in the spring of 2014 these two minds are pushing the limits of their craft, and literally bringing it to your front door. The truck is only one of several locations they can be found creating and collaborating with teams of talented individuals, other studios include, the Goggleworks, Mogreena, and Yatlor Backes. Education, craftsmanship and expanding the possibilities of art in the most un-expected places are all goals that drive the under belly of this company. With help developing an online presence and integrating their work on the high-tech highways is Justin Erin. One of their more recent pieces is on display at the Jenkins Arboretum in Devon Pa. View their work here.



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