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Events God, Forgive These Bastards

God, Forgive These Bastards

The Hum'n'Bards

Sep 6-22 2018

2018 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA


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God, Forgive These Bastards is a staged adaptation of The Taxpayers’ eponymous 2012 album. In the wake of his death, those who knew him remember the life of a man who was an addict, an abuser, and a master storyteller all in one. Come remember (and drink to) Henry Turner.

Pay what you can/ 60 minutes







The Hum’n’Bards Theater Troupe was established in 2016 to produce original musicals and develop a community of skill-sharing. We have produced four original musicals – Pangaea: A Folk Opera (2016), Glister (2017), Scrap’t (2017) and Not, Not The Illuminati (2018), as well as serving as co-producers of the Five-Dollar Comedy Week comedy-burlesque show Grosslesque. We at the Hum’n’bards believe that art needs to be accessible to people, regardless of financial ability. Therefore, we do not require people to pay to see our shows, but we do invite them to pay as much or as little as they feel is appropriate.


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