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Ground Works

Leah Stein Dance Company

Sep 13-16 2018

2018 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA


Woodmere Art MuseumMap

Ground Works is a site-specific performance inspired by and incorporating the large outdoor sculptures of Harry Bertoia and Dina Wind in the permanent collection at the Woodmere Art Museum. The audience is invited to move through the grounds with the performers. Ground Works is designed to enliven a sense of place, memory, and the present moment, through sound, movement and touch.

$20 / 50 minutes







Company bio: Leah Stein Dance Company connects people from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, age groups, and communities through the creation of site-specific dance that enlivens a sense of place. LSDC integrates improvisational methods and invites audiences to be part of the performance space; this shared experience among performers and audience is at the heart of LSDC dances. The company actively investigates the interrelationships between body, sound and site, and develops and maintains strong collaborations with musicians, singers, visual artists and local communities.


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