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Grounded Autonomy

Garrett Olthuis and Sean Green

Sept 9-11 2016

Runtime TBA

$20 – $35

The Glass FactoryMap



Credit: Sean Green

Explaining the inexplicable pull of another person, and redefining what that means to you. Going against the grain, or in this case Gravity, and overcoming judgement and questioning to not only capture moments in time, but to reemerge better than before. Disapproval from family, friends and even from within yourself.

About SkyDance Philly: SkyDance Philly is a collective of emerging performance artists interested in exploring movement beyond the ground. Pushing the limits of the physical body and taking their audience to their creative ether. Combining classical circus acrobatics with organic motion, they showcase the universal human possibilities and forge a full spectrum view of the world.

$20-35 / 120 minutes

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