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Growing Into My Beard

I've Seen The Future

September 3 -13, 2015

Runtime TBA

Cost TBA

954 Dance Movement CollectiveMap

Bgrowing into my bearday Bryan comes out. As ginger. A coming-of-age cabaret for anyone who has ever felt—even a little bit—queer at heart. A fusion of storytelling, improv, song cycle, and just a drop of drag. Last seen at Obie-winning Horse Trade Theater Group in NYC and the Minnesota Fringe Festival.

$15 / 55 minutes

Tabu Lounge & BarBay 2
200 South 12th Street

Sept 3, 9, 10 + 11 at 7pm

William Way LGBT Community Center
1315 Spruce Street
Sept 16–18 at 8pm

954 Dance Movement CollectiveShaNaeNae 1
954 North 8th Street
Sept 4­–5 at 7pm

Philly Aids Thrift
710 South 5th Street
Sept 12–13 at 4pm


Phindie: What were your impressions of Philadelphia as an outsider?

BB: I don’t know why I haven’t been here before now! I love the architecture, and how different it is from even one street to the next; There was a moment as we were driving through Center City that I thought I could easily be back in the UK right now—I suppose it was raining at the time so it sold the idea even more!

Phindie: What was the development process like for you?

BB: The process of writing this show has been incredibly challenging for me. As a songwriter and a performer, I have already been telling stories in a way, but when it comes to “storytelling” I don’t have as much experience. It’s the writing side specifically that’s been the most difficult, and I think that’s because it’s my own life experiences and actual moments that I’m bringing to life.

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