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Daniel Wohl

Feb 5 2016

Runtime TBA



“Shaping our contemporary music scene and defining what it means to be a composer in the 21st century.” National Public Radio

“Part of his gift is alchemical, combining instruments – both acoustic and electronic – to create new and wondrous sounds. The end result is beguiling and seductive…there is real melodic and compositional development in Holographic and I’m sure it will reveal even more delights upon further listening.” Jeremy Shatan, An Earful

Sonic and visual; acoustic and electronic; live and pre-recorded.
Daniel Wohl mixes acoustic instruments with electronic and pre-recorded sounds to create lush, multi-sensory concerts. He returns to FringeArts with Holographic, a concert of his latest full length album by the same name, releasing January 2016 on New Amsterdam Records. Holographic combines intricate percussion and scintillating electronic compositions. The live version will feature video by award-winning visual artist Daniel Schwarz and will be performed by Mantra Percussion and a string quartet assembled for the project.

Daniel Wohl (electronics), Mike McCurdy (percussion), Owen Weaver (percussion), Joe Bergen (percussion), Pauline Kim Harris (violin), Conrad Harris (violin), Katarzyna Bryla-Weiss (viola), Melody Giron (cello)


Holographic is co-produced with Paul Corley (Oneohtrix Point Never, Tim Hecker, Ben Frost), and featuring contributions from Lucky Dragons, Olga BellCaroline Shaw (Roomful of Teeth), Bang on Can All-Stars, Mantra Percussion, Mivos Quartet and Iktus Percussion.

Wohl’s original compositions seamlessly blend electronics with acoustic instruments and have been described as a “beautiful … original voice” (Pitchfork), “provocative … inspiring” (NPR), and “boldly surreal” (The New York Times). 

Holographic was commissioned by The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra’s Liquid Music Series, MASS MoCA with support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Baryshnikoc Arts Center and the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

“The work was a study in auditory illusion as he merged both acoustic and electronic/pre-recorded sounds. This interesting orchestration, doubling pre-recorded sounds with live instruments, created a sonic illusion in the sense that the instruments almost sounded electronic. The brilliant blend of timbres—a sound that was probably more suited to be heard than described—used very unconventional textures that formed a tonal and rhythmic minimalist structure.” Daniel Garrick, I Care if You Listen



Daniel Wohl 1-Nathan Lee BushHolographic is about exploring different worlds–improbable combinations of sounds–hidden and imaginary sonic landscapes both acoustic and electronic. By processing or re-sampling more traditional instruments like strings, percussion, or the human voice, I wanted to create music that has a strong link to the past while at the same time being rooted in what I listen to on a daily basis. I was hoping to retain the warmth and inconsistencies of human playing while interfacing with the technologies that are available to all of us.” – Daniel Wohl


Past performance at FringeArts: Corps Exquis, March 2015

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