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How It Really Happens

TSquared Productions

September 11–14, 2019

2019 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA

Cost TBA

Arden Theater – Hamilton Family Arts CenterMap

September 11–14, 2019

How It Really Happens is an unromantic comedy that tackles the struggles of adulting as a 20-something in the 21st century (or any century). In a world where people speak as though they have self-knowledge but still simply have bad habits, what prods us to truly change?

$15 / 65 minutes

TSquared Productions was founded when Tess Ammerman waved a toothbrush at T. Michael Vest asking why people don’t just come out and say what they mean in romantic comedies. Since then, it has grown into a theater company that embraces the comedic within the tragic and the laughs that disrupt mundane life. How It Really Happens is its inaugural production.

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