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I Am the Machine Gunner

Sarah Gardner, John Hawthorne, & Sterling Melcher

September 9 at 8:00pm

Runtime TBA

Cost TBA

Firth & Wilson Transport CyclesMap

Wheelchair Accessible

A young street criminal tries to digest bullets, blood, fire, fear, waves, piss – his grandfather’s war stories and his own brutal existence. We make a lot of noise and try to make sense of the violence of the 20th century. A play by contemporary Russian playwright Yury Klavdiev, accompanied by a new original score.


Playwright: Yury Klavdiev
Translator: John Freedman
Director: Sarah Gardner
Performer: Sterling Melcher
Composer/Musician: John Hawthorne

Produced by Sarah Gardner, John Hawthorne, and Sterling Melcher.

About the artists:

Sarah Gardner is originally from Boise, ID where she worked as a performer, theater educator and director. She is an Artistic Associate with Migration Theory, a new devised theater company, and an MFA candidate in the UArts/Pig Iron Devised Performance Program.

John Chandler Hawthorne
 is a creator/performer with a background in physical theater. Originally from Minnesota, he studied at Williams College and the University of Oxford before moving to Philly to train at the Pig Iron School, where he earned a graduate certificate.

Sterling Melcher
 is an interdisciplinary artist, currently based in Philadelphia; born in TX, raised in CA, educated in MN and CT. Sterling is a graduate of St. Olaf College and the National Theater Institute’s Advanced Director Semester. He is an MFA candidate in the UArts/Pig Iron Devised Performance Program.

Thanks to:

Yury Klavdiev, John Freedman, Firth & Wilson Transport Cycles, Pig Iron Theatre Company, Devin Preston, Gina Murdock, and the magnificent residents of Werks Bearhouse.


FREE / 90 minutes

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