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Ignite Philly 19

March 2 2017

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Welcome to a night exploding with ideas. A night to share amazing stories happening around Philadelphia.

Rapid five-minute presentations, accompanied by twenty slides ticking down at fifteen-second intervals, inspire the crowd with ingenuity, humor, and imagination—ideas that are a call to action, that turn the past upside down, that point the way by which you help make a better future. At Ignite Philly, people don’t just gather with beers to talk about nothing, they gather with beers to be inspired to change the world!

Ignite Philly is part of a worldwide network that entertains and educates people in five-minute bursts. Ignite Philly is the local group, which highlights great ideas coming to life in Philadelphia.

Tickets will go on sale on the Ignite Philly website soon.  Keep an eye on our social media – tickets sell out fast!

This event has passed