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I’m Ok, Are You Ok?

Molly Scullion/Philly Improv Theater (PHIT Comedy)

September 7 at 8:30pm

Runtime TBA

Cost TBA

The Adrienne Theater MainstageMap

Molly Scullion’s “I’m Ok, Are You Ok?” is a one-woman comedy show about healing after trauma. Exploring some of the darkest times in her life, Molly Scullion brings forth a story about overcoming the past and finding strength and humor in pain.

Molly Scullion has been to therapy, and she’ll tell you all about it. In “I’m Ok, Are You Ok?”, Molly explores living and healing after trauma. With both hilarious and emotional stories, this show takes you far into the depths of just how weird our brains can be; they keep secrets from us, they explode on us, and yet, they’re always trying to protect us. The show begins with Molly sharing a past trauma, and continues by following her brain’s journey to cope with PTSD.

With tales of international travel, ice cream cakes, iPhone apps, and the dark holes of depression, this one-woman comedy show takes you on a rollercoaster of wins, losses, overcoming, falling short, progress and setbacks, all in one short hour. Note: This show has a trigger warning. Note on note: It is indeed a comedy show.

Written and performed by Molly Scullion
Graphic design by Shannon Fahey

About the performer: Molly recently graduated from Temple University where she majored in in Media Studies and Production and Classics. She has been doing improvised comedy since she was 16 years old, and has completed the curricula at Philly Improv Theater and at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York. She performs on multiple teams, including the Philly Improv Theater veteran team, The Future and the Dynamite Series shows, Study Hall. She is the head writer for the Philly Improv Theater sketch house team, The Decoy. Molly was a part of the 2016 Improvaganza International Ensemble, and she has studied with instructors across the country. In addition to performing regularly in Philadelphia, she has performed in Edmonton (AB), Seattle, Toronto, Portland (OR), Detroit, New Orleans, Washington DC, Baltimore, and New York.

When she’s not making things up on stage, she’s a frequenter of Brazilian Steakhouses and the Gap. In her spare time, she personalizes rap songs as birthday gifts for friends and watches far too many episodes of The Good Wife.



$12 / 60 minutes

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