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Events Louis Bluver Outdoor Movies: Independence Day

Louis Bluver Outdoor Movies: Independence Day

Curated by Catherine Haas

Wed, Aug 23

Outdoor Film Series

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Part of the Louis Bluver Outdoor Movie Series.

Wednesday, August 23 at 8:30pm

Films, food, and drink al fresco at our waterfront Haas Biergarten every Wednesday evening at 8:30pm, beginning May 31st and ending August 30th. Screenings are free!  Drinks and food are available for purchase from La Peg. No tickets necessary.

An evil race of aliens have arrived and their only goal is to invade and destroy Earth.  As mankind fights back against beings with superior technology, their strongest weapon is their will to survive.

“I wanted each movie I chose for this program to evoke that same sense of familiarity and shared enthusiasm.  It’s my hope that this series not only stirs up some serious nostalgia, but also reminds people how fun it is to watch a movie for the thousandth time, surrounded by people who might even know the film better than you do. It’s as close as you’ll get to actually seeing it for the first time again.” –Catherine Haas, curator

Join us for the final movie in the series:

August 30, Weekend at Bernie’s (1989)

No tickets necessary. No outside food or beverages permitted.

Open Captioning for the Louis Bluver Summer Series Movies provided in consideration of our guests who are hearing-impaired.

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