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The Institute for Relativity Studies

Brian Shapiro Presents

Sept 14—21 2016

Runtime TBA


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Photo: Boris

Why do some people enjoy French kissing on the first date, while others do not like the French at all? In a novelty-filled world, is sentimentality the last vestige of genuine human emotion or simply an extraordinary inefficient use of time? Visit The Institute for Relativity Studies to find out these answers and then some.  The Institute for Relativity Studies: Unauthorized Explorations of the Human is an interdisciplinary theater piece that humorously conducts pseudo-scientific research to explore how human beings develop different perceptions of similar phenomenon. Led by Professor Whitey (Brian Shapiro), the audience is introduced to the “not for-profit not-by-choice” Institute’s latest research findings, including The Origin of White People (an adaptation of a folktale from Sierra Leone), Gourmet Gasoline, The Ideology Hot Dog Man…and more!

$12 / 60 minutes


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