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Inter Terrestrial


September 30-October 4

2021 Fringe Festival

Self-Guided 45 min

Pay What You Can

The Internet

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Where does humanity belong in the hierarchy of the natural world? Are we a virus or is that nonsense? Did those dolphins really swim in the canals of Venice during the pandemic or did someone make that up?

Inter Terrestrial explores the shifting views of “Mother Nature’s” feelings about humanity, from the misanthropic to the eco-fascists, to the gently naive. Does she still love us or did she try to kill us?

Die-Cast’s newest digital immersive piece allows visitors to wander a 3D environment. Text, movement, music, and visual art create an installation for you to tour using your phone, desktop, laptop, or VR glasses. Make a plan with friends and use our digital installation as a place to meet, explore, and talk to each other. Or have a private experience on your own. Guided and non-guided times are available, so anyone can easily interact with our world.

Die-Cast will spend a month creating a public installation piece at Connecticut’s 450-acre I-Park open-air gallery as part of its site-sensitive Biennale. The installation will remain on-site for a year, but Fringe visitors will have the opportunity to explore this new piece remotely.



Available for Streaming on Wednesday, Sept 30 until end of Festival

Content Considerations

Appropriate for Ages 18+



Audience Instructions

Visitors will be given a private link that allows them to access the 3D digital environment at any time. There will be instructions there to guide visitors, and during certain hours a live help desk will be available. No apps or additional equipment are necessary beyond a device that can connect to the internet. You can use your VR glasses, smartphones, desktops, or laptops to easily access the piece.


About the Artists

Die-Cast was founded by Thom Weaver and Brenna Geffers in 2017. We are an arts collective that creates site-specific work in spaces often inaccessible to visitors. We use performance art and living installations that create mini-narratives that interlock into a larger collage of meaning. Our work is poetic, often abstract and always a love letter to the location we are in. Even before the pandemic asked so many artists to pivot to digital work, we were already exploring online storytelling and digital immersive creations. We have created 4 full-length immersive pieces that offered choose-your-own-adventure-style worlds for audiences to explore. We use everything from chatbots to TikTok to Topia to OBS to create complex worlds for audiences to wander. Our most recent piece was a public works installation piece for Miami Art Week’s No Vacancy festival, a celebration of the art deco hotels that lay in wait during the pandemic. Our work won the Juried Prize of $20,000 with Maria Elena Ortiz, Associate Curator at the Perez Art Museum Miami recommending “With impressive technological qualities, Temporary Occupancy is an ambitious and poignant project, embodying the artistic spirit of Miami Beach”

We are iconoclasts in our hearts and have never worried about the hero’s journey. We are endlessly curious.

“The Die-Cast theatre company from Philadelphia was built for this sort of thing…. Die-Cast’s Brenna Geffers and Thom Weaver, both, are responsible for some of the east coast’s most innovative, existentially-minded takes on what it means to create theater in the 21st Century.” Dosage Magazine 2020