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Leah Stein Dance Company

September 13 at 6:00pm

Runtime TBA

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Our Lady of Mt Carmel PerishMap


Dance/choreographer Leah Stein and violinist/composer Diane Monroe invite audiences to join them in an intimate, nuanced and surprising duet. How does the body, these bodies and voices respond to events close and far, embody absence and presence, and activate the immediate moment.

Interior is created for a light-filled, former art room, on the second floor of an old school in South Philadelphia. Please note that this room is accessed only by two flights of stairs. This new small scale work is both intimate and expansive.

Mission: Leah Stein Dance Company connects people from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, age groups, and communities through the creation of site-specific dance that enlivens a sense of place. LSDC integrates improvisational methods and invites audiences to be part of the performance space; this shared experience among performers and audience is at the heart of LSDC dances. The company actively investigates the interrelationships between body, sound and site, and develops and maintains strong collaborations with musicians, singers, visual artists and local communities. Vision: Inspired by the physics of movement and the forces of nature, Artistic Director Leah Stein aims to invoke and illuminate the living histories of built and natural spaces. Stein seeks to mutually transform audiences and performers in an equally occupied space. Stein values a sustainable and cross-disciplinary artistic community that stirs new perspectives about the interactions between people, their cultures and the physical environment. History: Artistic Director and choreographer Leah Stein began her career in Philadelphia founded the Leah Stein Dance Company in 2001. Stein’s distinct choreographic voice is sought out and featured in “Site Dance: Choreographers and The Lure of Alternative Spaces”. LSDC has received numerous commissions, created residency projects at schools, universities and festivals and has created major dance/choral works with composers Pauline Oliveros, David Lang, and Byron Au Yong.




$20 / 45 minutes



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