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Iphigenia At Aulis

The Philadelphia Artists' Collective

September 21 at 8:00pm

Runtime TBA

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Cruiser OlympiaMap

A nation on the brink of war. A family on the edge of collapse. An army poised to strike, but unable to sail – unless their great general sacrifices his daughter. The PAC (THE SEA PLAYS, CREDITORS) returns to the fringe aboard the historic USS Olympia to present Euripides heartbreaking tragedy of human folly.


Winner of the 2015 June and Steve Wolfson Award for an Evolving Theater, The PAC is not only one of the premiere classical theaters in the area, but “has established a reputation as one of the best independent companies in the city.” -Christopher Munden, The PAC has been a fringe favorite, producing such memorable productions as CREDITORS at the Franklin Inn Club, THE SEA PLAYS on the Tall Ship Gazela, THE RAPE OF LUCRECE at Broad Street Ministry and THE CAPTIVE at the Physick House. At the PAC we’re dedicated to creating unique theatrical events that celebrate our humanity: through the lens of rare classical theatre, and through multi-disciplinary collaboration. We’re committed to promoting rarely performed classical plays in the greater Philadelphia area, and by collaborating with artists from other disciplines we seek to encourage the development of a common vocabulary, and to promote arts awareness in the Philadelphia community. Here are a few things we believe: Art belongs to everyone. We do not believe in ‘high’ art. We believe everyone should have access to art that feeds, enriches and challenges us. At the PAC, this means affordable ticket prices and free public events. The classics belong to everyone. They are living, breathing events. They do not belong to scholarship or to museums. They belong to human experience: life, death, love, loss and gain. We do not go to a Shakespeare play to learn about Shakespeare. We go to learn about ourselves. Meaning is not created in isolation. The Collective aims to be an active breeding ground for artists of all disciplines. Art builds a more just and equitable society. It demands curiosity, encourages empathy, and leaves questions unanswered. Good, we say. Why Rare Classics? The classics let us wonder over worlds that seem so foreign; worlds without smart phones and airplanes. But as a species, we haven’t really changed. The technology changes, but the humanity stays the same. We still love, dream, regret and laugh the way we have for thousands of years. And rare classics provide a useful naïveté. We know Romeo and Juliet won’t make it through the night. But most of us don’t know if Silvia and Harlequin are meant for each other, or if the Duchess of Malfi will see the light of day. We’re surprised, challenged, delighted. If classical literature and plays feel like a lot of work, we say: good. Most things worth doing in this life aren’t easy. We like a challenge. Especially ones that celebrate beauty, and make the world a better place.




$25 / 60 minutes

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