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It’s So Learning

The Berserker Residents

Sept 11 - 20 2015

Runtime TBA


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It's so learning_The Berserker ResidentsWe’re taking Attendance. Join The Berserker Residents for their new dark and savage comedy that explores America’s floundering schools. Prepare for anything in this interactive classroom experience. You’ll find no pity as you navigate a world full of bureaucratic chumps, red pens, and gold stars. Pencils down, idiots!1659-5eeea4113c13a5645eedec3375ff2713

$15 / 70 minutes




It’s So Learning is a HIGHLY INTERACTIVE theatrical experience. To that end:
– Audiences will be asked to stand, move, speak, and play. If this is not your “cup of tea,” you can turn back now. We can refund you, no worries.
– For your ease of movement and enjoyment, no bags, purses, backpacks, or loose items such as notebooks, laptops, etc… are permitted in the performance. We will provide a free baggage check to securely store your items for pickup after the show, if necessary.
– If you are press or otherwise inclined to write personal notes during the experience, please don’t. It’s only 70 minutes long and you can write after.
– If you have any physical restrictions we should know about, let us know in advance so we can tailor your experience for maximum enjoyment. Ruba Studios is not handicap accessible and all audiences must walk a flight of stairs to reach the performance space.
– We recommend wearing comfortable shoes and a positive attitude.
We look forward to seeing you in the SimEdu Center!


The Berserker Residents are dedicated to original works of alternative comedy with a pop-comic aesthetic. This team of Philadelphia-based specialists in site-specific overgrown kid theater consists of three mighty warriors – collaborators Justin Jain, David Johnson, and Bradley K. Wrenn. As a collective, these three Philly-based artists have spearheaded a comedic theatrical style that blends absurdist theatre, subversive sensibilities, music, sketch, and prop comedy to create compelling and fantastic theatrical 1659-6c8a8667a4cca71f5155ccf94f43fc2fevents. The Berserker Residents repertoire includes: The Jersey Devil, The Giant Squid: a scientific lecture gone awry of which the Philadelphia Inquirer said “The Giant Squid is innovative, packed with little surprises, fine-tuned, and wonderfully wacky… And it sizzles.” The Annihilation Point, two commissions: The Very Merry Xmas Carol Holiday Adventure Show (which was published by Playscripts Inc.) and The Lapsburgh Layover at New York based Ars Nova. Their most recent production The Talkback/ The Post Show was critically acclaimed at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe.


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