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Events JADA Dance presents...Be The Rhythm

JADA Dance presents…Be The Rhythm

Jaye Allison's JADA Dance

September 10-October 4

2020 Fringe Festival

35 minutes



Audio Description


JADA’s Be The Rhythm, the genre-mixing percussive dance musical, playing at The Philadelphia FRINGE Festival, is streaming anytime Sept 10-Oct 4. Be The Rhythm, Allison’s 2nd autobiographical explorative real-world performance of life experiences in the dance world; designed to open minds further about the artist’s place in society. JADA dancers have both stretched their skills and are using their abilities to adapt, grow and become new rhythms for a new decade!

This Dance on Film contribution features: Filmmaker, Leslie Rivera, editing this conceptual concert work of 2019-20 footage from American Tap Dance Foundation’s Annual Tap Choreographers Showcase, Something’s AFoot! with freshly minted in-studio compositions creating this step towards a formally staged presentation. The 9-member cast is led by founding director/choreographer, Jaye Allison, who simultaneously launches her 2econd Book ‘Her Chronicles Continue…’ is the solo of this full evening’s length work.

Reactions to excerpts of this work include:
“This is innovative and fun, I am excited!” JADA Company member
“I sense the Great Arlene K. and Fayard N. in this work.” –ATDF audience member
This IS the controversial work of the night!” –ATDF audience member
“It’s our pleasure giving you permission to use our song JADA in your company work!” –Pointer Sisters Org.

Jaye invites you into her world of Being a Rhythm! This exploratory evening length work-in-progress explicitly exposes the artistic process through the lens of her journey thus far; demonstrating lessons that uphold Einstein’s quote “Dancers are the Athletes of God” and therefore are needed for the sake of humanity and its presence. ‘Be The Rhythm opens possibilities for artistic expressions with excellence and joy as the reward.

This work will feature Audio Description.

Photos by Olivia Rosenkrantz.

Jaye Allison’s new book is available for purchase from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Ticket buyers will receive a link to access the work.

Note: Be advised before purchasing content. ‘Be The Rhythm’ contains brief graphic language.

Recommended for ages 18+.


Available to access online during the Festival


$5 general access

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