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Almanac Dance Circus Theatre

Sep 4-16 2018

2018 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA


The MAAS Building GardenMap

Acrobatics, live music, botany, and cheesesteaks. The company behind Fringe hits Exile 2588 and Leaps of Faith and Other Mistakes returns to its roots in this indoor-outdoor extravaganza of jaw-dropping circus feats, courage, camouflage, and contradictions.

$25 / 70 minutes






Incarcerated women fight wildfires. History books are whitewashed. Foundations erode. Tiny changes are imperceptible until they reach a tipping point. J/J/J/J picks up at this moment of catastrophic potential to bring you Almanac’s signature blend of acrobatic flight, dance, live music, and storytelling in action.

Audiences arriving for J/J/J/J will find the MAAS Building garden taken over by cunning characters that will pull you into their twisted games of surprises and bespoke aerial and acrobatic apparatuses. Viewers are encouraged to weave their way through the space to seek out their own vantage point as performers soar above, around, and through the audience.

Devised and Performed By: Jess Adams, Nick Gillette, Ben Grinberg, Desiree Hall, Lauren Johns, Aiden O’Shea

Featuring live original music by Martha Stuckey

J/J/J/J is performed on the Fifth Street side of the MAAS building at 1325 N. Randolph St. PLEASE DO NOT try to enter via the Randolph Street side. This show is performed in an immersive, promenade style and at times there will be different performance pieces happening in different locations. Audience members will be encouraged to move about the space to see what they choose to see. Part of this audience walking/seating area is smooth concrete and part of it is cobblestone/brick. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have regarding accessibility and accommodation of assisted mobility devices. Please reach out to us at:

Almanac is a collectively run physical performance ensemble straddling the worlds of physical theater and contemporary circus. With strong backgrounds in devised theatre, dance, and ensemble acrobatics, we create full-length works which tell stories about the ways that groups organize themselves, asking deep questions about human nature and human potential. We consider ourselves trailblazers with a unique vision for the future of American contemporary circus, which embraces risk-taking in all forms, and is based in intimacy, honesty, and wild alchemy with other performance disciplines.

Since founding in 2013, we have created eight full-length works, traveled to 11 states, Mexico, and Canada, and performed for tens of thousands. We create through play, leave room for inspiration and improvisation in performance, and constantly find Games, Tasks, and Images that feed off of and birth each other.

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