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Events Journey to the Kingdom of Hypnos

Journey to the Kingdom of Hypnos

Spectacle & Mirth

September 6-October 4

2021 Fringe Festival

25 minutes


The Internet

Do you remember where Sleep is, Dear Ones? Mnemosyne invites you to close your eyes and journey to the court of that benevolent Greek god-creature of Slumber. But beware, here in the Underworld the River of Oblivion is spilling over her shores and threatens the Waking.

This will introduce you to a place you’ve rarely been deep enough to find. The source of your sleep.
Stand near, listen, and remember your way to this place again and again. Travel and discover the vast environs of collective unconsciousness… all whilst the outside environment restricts where our physical forms may go.

*This immersive audio experience is meant to be listened to on headphones.*


Available for Streaming – Entire Festival




Developed and performed by Carmel Clavin.

Audio production by Carmel Clavin and Jerome Giancola


Content Considerations

Appropriate for Ages 13+

Audience Instructions

This experience is designed to be heard by individuals using headphones. Please close your eyes.

About the Artists

A creative producer & performer from the mid Atlantic region of the US, Carmel has made the larger World her home. As founder of the Spectacle & Mirth production haus, she’s built immersive projects like the internationally award winning cabaret The Marvelous Mechanical Musical Maiden, The GlamourHobo Field Notes storytelling podcast, and regional arts festivals, Shenandoah Fringe & Richmond Fringe. An overly complicated Venn Diagram of adjacent identities, she tours the world, tell stories, and play wearable musical inventions. This vaudevillian loves to sing too loud, smash class structures, and wear grand hats. #glamourhobo

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