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Just Another Normal Conversation

Kimberly Redman & Brittney Anderson

Sept 14 - 16 2018

2018 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA


Gershman Hall, The University of the ArtsMap

A highly intellectual debate about very important matters such as the essence of humanity, interpersonal connections, world wars, twins eating twins in the womb, and the overall fate of the human race, had between people who are probably entirely unqualified to be discussing any of it in the first place.

$10 / 60 minutes






JUST ANOTHER NORMAL CONVERSATION, GERSHMAN Y BLACK BOX, SEPTEMBER 14th-16th CREATED BY KIMBERLY REDMAN & BRITTNEY ANDERSON Playwright: Brittney Anderson Directed by Kimberly Redman Performed by: Juliet Mellon, Jaz Blain, and Shaun Morgan Showings: September 14, 15 at 8pm; September 15, 16 at 2pm Gershman Y 401 S Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19147 Tickets: Available on Fringe’s Website Kimberly Redman and Brittney Anderson are making their Fringe Debut with their absurdist piece JUST ANOTHER NORMAL CONVERSATION. “No Exit” meets “Waiting for Godot” in this absurdist commentary on trying to communicate in our current political climate, satirizing how pride and personal ideologies get in the way of progress. JUST ANOTHER NORMAL CONVERSATION is an existential shitshow for our generation living in Trump’s America, aiming to help us laugh through that feeling of impending doom we get after turning on the news. The creative team includes a collaboration of Dalton Whiting (set design), Andrea Parmelee (scenic + costume design), Jakob Kahler (props), Abby Schlackman (lighting design), Johnny Griffin-Santucci (sound design), Joe Mineer (Illustration). About the Artists Kimberly Redman and Brittney Anderson are two artists that blend intelligence and physical humor into absurd worlds to create heightened thought about current political issues we face daily. They pursue to create realities that frees the viewer and thinker. Redman’s training in clowning/movement, design, and comedy is heighted with Anderson’s intellect, wit, and whimsy. They met while studying at University of the Arts. Press Contact Kimberly Redman, Brittney Anderson,


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