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Kangaroo Zulu Dancers

Kangaroo Zulu Dancers

September 11-September 27

2020 Fringe Festival

30 minutes



The Zulu tribe represents the largest population of the ethnic groups in South Africa who are roughly 10 million people in population. They are known for their strongest  fighting spirit which has fashioned renown warriors in history including the likes of Shaka Zulu who played a prominent role in the Zulu wars. The history of South Africa would not be complete without mentioning of the Zulu tribe.
The Zulu dance is a sign of happiness. It is done on Zulu weddings, crowning of kings, when a child is born, when a war is won and testing of virgins.
The men have their way of singing and dancing, called Indlamu. They lift up one leg in the air, bringing it down together with the hands following the other leg then doing it over and over changing the legs, and while doing that they lift one leg in the air and fall down with their backs.
This traditional dance is most often associated with the Zulu culture. It is performed with drums and full traditional attire and is derived from the war dances of the warriors.
This war dance is untouched by Western influence probably because it is regarded as a touchstone of Zulu identity. Full regimental attire, precise timing and uncompromised posture are required. It is danced by men of any age wearing headrings, ceremonial belts, ankle rattles, shields and weapons like knobkerries and spears. While indlamu uses similar steps as women do for ingoma, it has a much more calculated, less frantic feel, showing off muscular strength and control of the weapons with mock stabs at imaginary enemies. Dancers are more likely to make eye contact with the audience. Various drums and whistles accompany the dance.
You cannot afford to miss this.

Each day of the festival, there will be one of 5 different performance.

  • Indlamu- This performance includes the traditional Shaka Zulu war dance that demonstrates the mighty fighting.
  • Umzantsi- The word means South Africa in the Zulu language. This performance incorporates a quirky narrative of everyday  village life.
  • Ingoma- The translation is “song or anthem “. This dance incorporate traditional Zulu Anthem and celebratory choreography that has been passed down from generation to generation.
  • Simunye- The word means “we are one“. The performance includes distinctive South African dance genres that originated during the tough times of apartheid.  These dances are believed to have brought resilience during the times of the hardship and pain.
  • Shiyaman- This is a traditional Zulu Dance performed to the beat of drums, we have incorporated gymnastic moves, adding a modern twist.

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Appropriate for all ages.



Friday, Sept 11 at 8PM Indlamu

Saturday, Sept 12 at 8PM Shiyaman

Sunday, Sept 13 at 8PM Ingoma

Monday, Sept 14 at 8PM Umzantsi

Tuesday, Sept 15 at 6PM Simunye

Wednesday, Sept 16 at 6PM Shiyaman

Thursday, Sept 17 at 6PM Ingoma

Friday, Sept 18 at 6PM Umzantsi

Saturday, Sept 19 at 8PM Indlamu

Sunday, Sept 20 at 8PM Simunye

Monday, Sept 21 at 8PM Umzantsi

Tuesday, Sept 22 at 8PM Simunye

Wednesday, Sept 23 at 6PM Indlamu

Thursday, Sept 24 at 6PM Shiyaman

Friday, Sept 25 at 6PM Umzantsi

Saturday, Sept 26 at 6PM Ingoma

Sunday, Sept 27 at 8PM Indlamu


$10 general access

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