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(Kensington) Streetplay

The Renegade Company

Sept 6 - 16 2018

2018 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA


Allegheny El StopMap

Renegade invites audience members to Kensington to explore the past, present, and future of the neighborhood steeped in a pre-written narrative. Streetplay was written and performed by residents to share their perspectives and create prompts/activities that foster engagement, challenge philosophies, and dissolve boundaries. Designed as a walking experience.

Free / 90 minutes






(Kensington) Streetplay Created and performed by The Renegade Company and members of the Kensington area community Directed by Mike Durkin A theatrical walking play starting at Kensington Ave and Allegheny Ave “When you see me, you see one version of me; I’m so much more”. What does Kensington of the past-present-future look like? What are the individual goals of community members? What is the larger goal of Kensington? How do we work towards achieving these goals while also understanding the obstacles in the way? The Renegade Company will be working with community members of the Kensington neighborhood to present stories, performances, scenes, and activities addressing where the neighborhood has been, where it is at, and where it is heading towards. Instead of fighting or fearing what does co-existence look like? How do we come together in a neighborhood pulled towards the past, and designing for the future? How do we find common ground and be present with each other no matter what path the individual has taken? How do we take control of the narrative and aid in the rewriting?







(Kensington) Streetplay is a culmination of a two-year period of working with residents in the Kensington neighborhood that have a relationship with substance abuse, addiction, homelessness, and community activism. Through partnerships with Impact Services, Mural Arts’ Porchlight Project, St. Francis Inn, and the Department of Behavioral Health (DBHIDS) we aim to extend past this narrative by working with the community towards de-stigmatization of the neighborhood from outside forces. Renegade has created a walking play that will start at Kensington Ave and Allegheny Ave and will walk approximately 10 blocks to Campbell Square Park. Please wear appropriate walking shoes. Performed by residents Dennis, Kat, Darlene, Kenny, Paul, Jordan, Noelia, Meg, and Alcinea Designed by Blair Thompson, Jes Vesquez, and Adam Vidiksis Dramaturgy by Logan Schulman








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