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Events Late Night Snacks, Bearded Ladies, Justin Vivian Bond, Stephanie Blythe

Late Night Snacks

The Bearded Ladies Cabaret

September 7–29, 2019

2019 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA

Cost TBA

1316 South Percy StreetMap

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September 7–29, 2019

Cabaret connoisseurs the Bearded Ladies return with another platter of deliciously dangerous, sensationally sweet, and provocatively pleasurable Late Night Snacks. Running throughout the Fringe Festival in a refitted East Passyunk industrial space, these after-hours performances feature different artists every night—from opera singers to drag queens, cabaret stars to art clowns, and everything in between.

Come for one show, come for many shows, or just stop by by for a cocktail and to mingle with Fringe artists and audiences. Part performance installation, part fever dream, part neighborhood jawn, Late Night Snacks is a festival after-party with an expiration date.

Important Nutritional Information
Late Night Snacks ingredients may include artistic experimentation, adult content, consensual touch, ear worms, nudity, jubilation, great selfie material, rampant queerness, and many repeat visits. Not every show will be for everyone so feel free to come, and go, as you please. You know your diet, taste, allergies, and aphrodisiacs better than we. Late Night Snacks are experimental and works-in-progress.  When we can, we will provide detailed ingredients for each show ahead of time online so you can decide how best to snack.  When ingredients include any items listed below, there will be a notice at the on-site box office.

Nutritionally sensitive ingredients:  references to abuse, assault, self-harm, suicide, violence, mental illness, death, blood, or blood play.

Artist Lineup:

Sept 7 at 9:30PM:  Mx Justin Vivian Bond with Jenn Kidwell, hosted by John Jarboe
Sept 7 at 11:30PM: Nath Ann Carrera and Moor Jewelry (Moor Mother + Mental Jewelry), hosted by Jenn Kidwell
Sept 8 at 5PM: Family Cabaret: Drag Story Hour with John Jarboe and Cherdonna Shinatra
Sept 8 at 9:30PM: Mx Justin Vivian Bond’s House of Whimsy
Sept 10 at 9:30PM: Cherdonna Shinatra and Glitter & Garbage, hosted by Adrienne Truscott
Sept 11 at 9:30PM: Adrienne Truscott and Krishna Istha, hosted by Jess Conda
Sept 12 at 9:30PM: Joseph Keckler and Jonathan Delgado-Melendez, hosted by Jenn Kidwell
Sept 13 at 9:30PM: Daniel de Jesús and Be Steadwell, hosted by US (Anthony Martinez-Briggs)
Sept 13 at 11:30PM: Miguel Gutierrez’s SADONNA and the moon baby, hosted by US (Anthony Martinez-Briggs)
Sept 14 at 9:30PM: Stephanie Blythe is Blythely Oratonio with Sapphira Cristàl, hosted by John Jarboe
Sept 14 at 11:30PM: A Chorus Whine: Opera Chorus Tells All, hosted by Cookie Diorio with an appearance by Stephanie Blythe as Blythely Oratonio
Sept 15 at 5:00PM: Family Cabaret: Gay B Cs Drag Story Hour with Eric Jaffe and Sapphira Cristàl
Sept 15 at 9:30PM: Stephanie Blythe is Blythely Oratonio with Sapphira Cristàl, hosted by Cookie Diorio
Sept 17 at 9:30PM: Cynthia Hopkins and Wit López, hosted by Eric Jaffe
Sept 18 at 9:30PM: bb Basura, Malachi Lily, Topsy Pendejo (Eppchez) and Sabrina Pantal, hosted by Cookie Diorio
Sept 19 at 9:30PM: Liz Filios with Eric Jaffe and Friends, hosted by John Jarboe
Sept 20 at 9:30PM: Ashley Robillard, Pilar Salt, and Darlinda Just Darlinda, hosted by US (Anthony Martinez-Briggs)
Sept 20 at 11:30PM: Anthony Roth Costanzo with Jeannie Brooks, hosted by John Jarboe
Sept 21 at 9:30PM: Jasmine Rice Labeija and Dane Terry, hosted by Jess Conda
Sept 21 at 11:30PM: Miss Martha Graham Cracker, with appearances by Dane Terry and Jasmine Rice Labeija, hosted by John Jarboe
Sept 22 at 5:00PM: Family Cabaret: Green Eggs and A Graham Cracker
Sept 22 at 9:30PM: Emyne and Applied Mechanics’ The Bandits, hosted by Jess Conda
Sept 24 at 9:30PM: Rotten Fruit, featuring cast members from Love for Three Oranges, hosted by Eric Jaffe
Sept 25 at 9:30PM: Will Liverman with Dottie Riot and Messapotamia Lefae, hosted by Cookie Diorio
Sept 26 at 9:30PM: US with ILL DOOTS and Pax Ressler, hosted by Jess Conda
Followed by NSFW: a dance party for queers and others
Sept 27 at 9:30PM: Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers and Philadelphia Women*s Slavic Ensemble, hosted by John Jarboe
Sept 27 at 11:30PM: Polyseme: A Night of Queer Poets Theatre, hosted by John Jarboe
Sept 28 at 9:30PM: Monique Brooks Roberts and Emily Bate, hosted by Jess Conda
Sept 28 at 11:30PM: Cheo Bourne and Patricia! (Brett Ashley Robinson), hosted by Jess Conda
Sept 29 at 5:00PM: Family Cabaret: Royaltea Party with John Jarboe and Cookie Diorio **NEWLY ADDED PERFORMANCE**
Sept 29 at 9:30PM: The Host Show with Jess Conda, Cookie Diorio, Eric Jaffe, and John Jarboe
Followed by a Closing Night party!
Tickets available on a sliding scale, $0–$45.

Photo by Johanna Austin

“The Bearded Ladies are bringing together a host of international performers who are all asking the questions: What does it mean to be an artist now? How can our work heal, inspire, reflect, challenge our audiences?” –John Jarboe

“Quite simply the best party you have never been invited to.” –Talkin Broadway

Snacks Curators Raja Feather Kelly, Adrienne Truscott, Jenn Kidwell, Anthony Martinez Briggs, Danny Orednorff – Executive Director at Vox Populi, Evan Thornburg – Deputy Director at the Mayor’s Office of LGBT Affairs, John Jarboe – Artistic Director of The Bearded Ladies Cabaret, Sally Ollove – Associate Artistic Director of The Bearded Ladies Cabaret, David Levy – Vice President of Artistic Operations at Opera Philadelphia, Katy Dammers – Artistic Producer at FringeArts, Zach Blackwood – Artistic Producer at FringeArts

Space designed by Machine Dazzle

Festival Co-Producers Richard E. & Diane Dalto Woosnam Bearded Ladies Honorary Producers David & Linda Glickstein

Contextual Programming

Late Night Snacks: Artist Talk
Sept 22 at 4pm at the Fringe Festival Bookstore at Cherry Street Pier
Performers and curators from The Bearded Ladies Cabaret and FringeArts, moderated by Katy Dammers (FringeArts)

About The Bearded Ladies Cabaret

The Bearded Ladies Cabaret is an interdisciplinary troupe of artists who reinvigorate and redefine the form of cabaret in the 21st century by fusing it with theater, opera, and dance. They play with nostalgia and humor to question the embedded social messages in popular culture and tackle the politics of gender, identity, and artistic invention with sparkle and wit. Their work has been seen all over Philadelphia including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Eastern State Penitentiary, Opera Philadelphia, the Wilma Theater, and FringeArts and they have brought their cabaret revolution to Miami, New Zealand, Seattle, Paris, Maryland, Delaware and New York City (Ars Nova, La Mama, and Joe’s Pub).

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