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Events Afternoon Snacks: Johnny Shortcake

Afternoon Snacks: Johnny Shortcake

The Bearded Ladies Cabaret

Co-presented with Opera Philadelphia and the Office of LGBT Affairs

Sunday, September 18 at 2:30pm

2022 Fringe Festival

Runtime varies

Pay What You Can

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Johnny Shortcake is a funky kids band that celebrates silliness and friendship, teaches important life lessons, and feels like one big disco party. With irresistible songs such as “Cupcake Tuesday, “Brush Your Teeth,” and “Gigi’s whiskers,” the show truly celebrates childhood in a way that will have parents grooving and laughing along as well.

Johnny Shortcake’s album It’s the Johnny Shortcake Show! was listed on Grid Magazine’s Top 25 Albums of 2018, and has been featured on WXPN’s Kids Corner and Out With The Kids. They have performed at Philadelphia Folk Festival and Kidchella, and created a full length kids musical The Johnny Shortcake Show!, commissioned and presented by The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts.

Free for children under 12, and pay what you can for adults.

This isn’t just kids music—this is everybody music. Dancing, singing and laughing are the three most important things that parents and kids do together.’’

– David Sweeny, creator of THE JOHNNY SHORTCAKE SHOW

Late Night Snacks

Afternoon Snacks are part of The Bearded Ladies Cabaret’s Late Night Snacks, a mixed-plate performance that’s 50% cabaret destination, 50% neighborhood jawn, and 100% good to the last bite.

Saturday, Sep 10 at 8pm: Ursula Rucker with Tim Motzer and live painting from Anthony Carlos Molden, Jackie Soro and yung nila, hosted by Jarbeaux

Sunday, Sep 11 at 2:30pm: Family Show, Sam Rise and Jackie Soro hosted by Jarbeaux

Sunday, Sep 11 at 8pm: Sanchel Brown and ​​an excerpt from Wig Wag by Emily Bate, hosted by Cookie Diorio 

Wednesday, Sep 14 at 8pm: Zeek Burse and Mel Hsu with Nicole Burgio, hosted by Jess Conda

Thursday, Sep 15 at 8pm: JaKeya Limitless, Foxworth Vorn, and Virgil Lil’ O Gadson, hosted by Eric Jaffe

Friday, Sep 16 at 8pm: Cherdonna Shinatra and Emyne, hosted by Anthony Martinez-Briggs (US)

Friday, Sep 16 at 10:30pm: Talie and Be Steadwell, hosted by Jarbeaux

Saturday, Sep 17 at 8pm: Threesome: excerpt from a new performance by Jarbeaux, Martha Graham Cracker, & Cherdonna Shinatra, hosted by Sam Rise

Saturday, Sep 17 at 10:30pm: Music Not Impossible and Saint Manifest, hosted by Anthony Martinez-Briggs (US) and co-presented by Opera Philadelphia

Sunday, Sep 18 at 2:30pm: Family Show with Johnny Shortcake, hosted by Jarbeaux

Sunday, Sep 18 at 8pm: Topher Eufaula Layton, Luna Thee Jawnette, and Veronica Chapman-Smith, hosted by Eric Jaffe 

Wednesday, Sep 21 at 8pm: Hard No! An Arts Administration Metal Band, Reese Castaldi, and V. Shayne Frederick, hosted by Jess Conda

Thursday, Sep 22 at 8pm: Le Gateau Chocolat and Sam Rise, hosted by Eric Jaffe

Friday, Sep 23 at 8pm: Denise King and Vitche-Boul Ra, hosted by Jess Conda

Friday, Sep 23 at 10:30pm: Alex Tatarsky and  Slanty Eyed Mama, hosted by Jarbeaux

Saturday, Sep 24 at 8pm: Queen Esther and Matt Ray and Martha Graham Cracker, hosted by Cookie Diorio

Saturday, Sep 24 at 10:30pm: Clayton Lee and Glitter and Garbage: Foster Longo & Shannon Turner, hosted by Jarbeaux

Sunday, Sep 25 at 2:30pm: Family Show with Julie Be (Ants on a Log), hosted by Jarbeaux

Sunday, Sep 25 at 8pm: Murayama and Cello Trio featuring Daniel De Jesús, Mel Hsu, and Carolina Diazgranados, hosted by Sam Rise

Wednesday, Sep 28 at 8pm: Rise Choir Collective and SNACKTIME, hosted by Jess Conda

Thursday, Sep 29 at 8pm: Band Night with Heath Allen, Josh Machiz, Jimmy Coleman, Marcell Bellinger with singers chosen by band, hosted by  Eric Jaffe

Friday, Sep 30 at 8pm: Anito Gavino, formerly known as Ani and Bethlehem & Sad Patrick, hosted by Anthony Martinez-Briggs (US)

Friday, Sep 30 at 10:30pm: Music from Rose: You Are Who You Eat featuring Pax Ressler, Emily Bate, Daniel De Jesús, and Mel Regn, hosted by Jess Conda

Saturday, Oct 1 at 8pm: A. Rob and Sinta Penyami Storms & Modero, hosted by Anthony Martinez-Briggs (US)

Saturday, Oct 1 at 10:30pm: Jaylene Clark Owens and ILL DOOTS, hosted by Cookie Diorio

Sunday, Oct 2 at 2:30pm: Family Show with ILL DOOTS, hosted by Jarbeaux

Sunday, Oct 2 at 8pm: Host Show withSam Rise, Anthony Martinez- Briggs, Jess Conda, Eric Jaffe, and Jarbeaux


Project Collaborators:

Co-director- John Jarboe (she/her)
Co-director- Jackie Soro (they/she)
Producer- Cat Ramirez (they/she/he)
Associate Producer- Mel Hsu (she/they)
Dramaturg- Rachel O’Hanlon-Rodriguez (she/they)
Stage Manager- Jamel Baker (he/him)
Music Director- Heath Allen (he/him) and Keys
Musician- Jimmy Coleman (he/him) Drums
Musician- Josh Machiz (he/him) Bass

Installation Designer- Scott McMaster (he/they)
Sound Designer- Elizabeth Atkinson (she/her)

Curation Team:
Emily Bate
Noelle Diane Johnson
Anthony Martinez-Briggs
Sally Ollove
Jackie Soro

Jess Conda
Cookie Diorio
Eric Jaffe
John Jarboe
Anthony Martinez-Briggs aka “US”
Sam Rise
Adrienne Truscott

Production Manager- Calvin Anderson (he/they)
Associate Production Manager- Tait Adams (she/they)
Late Night Snacks Administrator: Nathalie Nguyen (she/her)
Installation Assistant- Jo Vito Ramirez (they/them)
Installation Assistant- Doug Greene (he/him)
Drafting Assistant- Michael Lambui (he/him)
Technical Director- Michael Lambui (he/him)
Costume Designer for John- Rebecca Kanach (she/her)
Assistant LD/ Busker- Bless Rudisill (he/him)
Master Electrician- Harbour Edney (they/he)
Followspot Op/Run Crew- Lian Brody (they/them)
Associate SD/ A1- Taylor Jedlinski (she/her)
A2- Nat Merill (she/her)

Health & Safety

We are still in a pandemic, and masking is highly encouraged! Help us care for our community by keeping your mask square on your face unless actively drinking beverages, eating food, or being a very small child. Proof of vaccination will be required for everyone 12 and up, and masks are strongly recommended for everyone older than 5.


Lead support from the William Penn Foundation, with additional support from Barbara Teichert.

Festival Executive Producers: Linda & David Glickstein, Arthur Kaplan & Duane Perry
Festival Co-Producer: Marty Maynard


The Switch
421 N 7th St
Philadelphia, PA 19123

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