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Shadow Company

September 9-11

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September 9 at 7:00pm

September 10 at 3:00pm

September 10 at 7:00pm

September 11 at 3:00pm

2022 Fringe Festival

60 min


Venice Island Performing Arts Center

Wheelchair Accessible

It’s 8:00 am on a Monday morning. Mr. Wright, the only openly queer teacher, is not in the building. As rumors fly and students begin to question each other and the adults around them, the school is thrown into turmoil.

LGBTQuiet is a one-act play that follows a group of students as they navigate claiming their personal identities in the culture war of their school. This show will explore identity, self-expression, and wanting to be seen and heard in an environment that is suppressing you in the name of “protection”. Taking inspiration from the discourse surrounding the Don’t Say Gay Bill, Shadow Company presents a drama centered on the failure of schools to act in the best interests of their students.

Appropriate for ages 13+


Content Considerations

This performance contains frequent suggested language. This performance contains the following content that individuals may find disturbing: hate speech (homophobic, transphobic, racial), discussion of racial slurs, bullying, systems of oppression, objectification of minors and sexual language.


Health & Safety

Audience members may choose to wear masks at this event, but they are not required. Vaccination cards will not be checked.


Developed by: Yes! And… Collaborative Arts’ Shadow Company
Directed by: Gavin Whitt
Written by: Shadow Company Members with Sharese Salters
Shadow Staff: Sharese Salters, Mia Rocchio, and Bee Mulcahy
Shadow Company Members: Michael Abrams, Zivia Avelin, Caleb Becker, Cana Berkey-Gerard, Alice Bittner-Kleit, Elias Brix, Alix Chiles, Colin Davenport, Lucia Galper, Seth Hampton, Lucas Hohensten, Aubree House, Titus Jenkins, Camila Lim, Drew Luckey, Tora Mitchell, Sarah Quirk, Amelia Reaume, Ceil Shandell, and Ruben Witmer
Produced by: Brooke Sexton & Chris Herrman
Marketing: Sharon Jin & Chris Herrman


About the Artist

A performing arts company made up of high school students, Shadow Company members learn about all aspects of the theater-making process, including on and offstage roles. With an ensemble-based methodology, they work with a director, professional artists and industry leaders to build their skills as artists, collaborators, leaders, and citizens.