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Liberty City Radio Theatre

Liberty City Radio Theatre

September 8 at 8:00pm

Runtime TBA

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Liberty City Radio Theatre is a live “new-style old time” radio show, with actors on stage taking on multiple roles recreating the golden era of the theater of the mind, with newly written and adapted episodes for the modern audiences complete with on-stage sound effects and live music. Episodes will vary every night, but will include a dash of superheroes, a pinch of noir and an ample serving of humor.

In a world where we are barraged with drama and tumult in the news seemingly every minute of every day, the best we can do is find ways to laugh and for us that is to put on a little show with our friends. No one should mistake this show as high art and we doubt it will bring ‘peace in our time’, but it is fun. We hope you laugh with us, (but if it’s just at us, that’s OK too, just as long as you laugh). In the words of Mark Twain, “the human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.”



$15 / 85 minutes


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