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Lightning Rod Special: Live?

Lightning Rod Special

Mar 30

Runtime TBA

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Hi there. Welcome to the waiting room. Make yourself comfortable. Before we get started, we are required by law to provide you with some highly factual information about tonight’s procedure…

“Lightning Rod Special: Live?” is an all-ages musical experience (not appropriate for children under 16).

Photo by Johanna Austin

“Lightning Rod Special: Live?” features songs from UNFORMED CONSENT, Lightning Rod Special’s upcoming musical about the joys of birth and birthing (and the hypocrisy, absurdity, and misogyny of the abortion debate).

After viewing “Lightning Rod Special: Live?” you may experience some of the following side effects: dizziness, cramping, light spotting, desire to drink alcohol, increased rage at the state of our world, and in some rare cases, viewers have been known to seek out ways to get more involved. Please call a member of our team if any of these side effects lasts longer than two days.

And finally, know that “Lightning Rod Special: Live?” is an act of pure entertainment with no mental or emotional engagement required that will leave you feeling full of joy and light (this dangerously satiric cabaret demands a reexamination of your deeply internalized participation in a patriarchal culture).

The doctor is ready for you.

About Lightning Rod Special

Lightning Rod Special is a raucous and contemplative original theatre company based in Philadelphia tackling society’s lightning rod issues. Like scientists, we begin each project with a hypothesis and, following artistic investigations, find our way to completed pieces of theatre that twist the ordinary into the alien, provoke debate, and stir what lies dormant in the corners of an audience’s mind. LRS projects include SANS EVERYTHING (FringeArts 2016), a science fiction thriller where AI become dangerously obsessed with Shakespeare, and UNDERGROUND RAILROAD GAME (FringeArts 2015, Ars Nova 2016, Obie Award for Best New American Theaterwork), a time-traveling fever dream about sex, power, and race. UNFORMED CONSENT, a darkly satiric musical about the hypocrisy, absurdity, and misogyny of the American abortion debate, will premiere at FringeArts in March of 2019.

Exploding complex questions with precision and play, Lightning Rod Special makes live performance from the ground up.


Photos: Johanna Austin,

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