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Ombelico Mask Ensemble

Sep 3 - 13 2015

Runtime TBA


Liberty Lands ParkMap

LIKE A BAT OUT OF HADES_Ombelico Mask EnsembleWill Hercules defeat Death and bring Alcestis back from the underworld? Why sacrifice your wife so you can live longer? Why not? Come see the story of Alcestis told in the physical, raucous style that only OME can do. Free! In the park! BYO seat! Based on Alcestis by Euripides (Euripides pants, Eumenides pants).

Free / 90 minutes

OMBELICO MASK ENSEMBLE brings outrageously fun theater to outdoor spaces in Philadelphia and beyond, through the physically raucous style of Commedia dell’Arte. While we keep a faithful eye to the past, we reinvigorate Commedia and explore its relevance for a modern audience. Most of all we strive for laughter and joy for audience and actor alike. OMBELICO started1629-9f017e06f68ad34d9eb0d20892dce262 in 2007. Brendon Gawel and John Bellomo share Artistic Director duties and together have created 6 original shows including last year’s FLIM FLAM PHANTOM SHAM and the one-man comic marathon DEAD MAN’S MAMBO. OMBELICO MASK ENSEMBLE ITALIA is our sister company, founded in 2014 by our long-time collaborator Renato Arcuri, to reinforce our international artistic exchange. LIKE A BAT OUT OF HADES marks our first bi-continental co-production, premiering in Florence, Italy before coming to Philadelphia. Cast: Angelo Aiello – Puppeteer, Renato Arcuri – Death, John Bellomo – Ferete & Hercules, Olivia Damore – Alcesti, Brendon Gawel – Admeto, Darius Johnson – Apollo, Janice Rabian -The Chorus; Crew: Renato Arcuri – Director, John Bellomo – Fight Choreographer, Mariella Bruzzese – Costume Designer, Valentino Infuso – Mask Maker of Morte Zanubrio Marionettes;  1629-04a88fbfc7bc81bc34238741e7a28af4Puppet Maker – Antonio Pittelli,  Prop Master – Antonio Fava, Mask Maker of Capitano, Pantalone, Arlecchina, Brighella – Carrie Gorn; Press Relations in Philadelphia – Vallentina Greto Ciriaco, Personal Press Office of Renato Arcuri; Franco Procopio – Vocal Coach; Effe Erre Communication – Press Office; Project Alcesti.

“Ombelico (which means bellybutton in Italian) began bringing its free comic theater to outdoor spaces in Philadelphia in 2007… They ‘keep a faithful eye to the past’ while reinvigorating Commedia and exploring its relevance for a modern audience, they say.” – Tara Lynn Johnson, Ticket to Entertainment


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