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Events Liminal Qualia - Experiential Light & Sound

Liminal Qualia – Experiential Light & Sound

Liminal Qualia

September 11 at 8:00pm

2020 Fringe Festival

45 minutes



Liminal Qualia is a live stream experience of experimental sound and light. It is the activation of space with no inherent qualities. 3 large-scale handmade instruments combined with 3 projectors set the tone for something to happen. Each collaborative performance is singular.

Liminal Qualia is based on a found-art mission with heavy leanings to reductionist engineering. All things LQ are the evolution and concrescence of the primary energies of Robert and Nathan. We ask the viewer to be aware of the synthesis of color, shape and sound in their minds.

Appropriate for all ages.



Friday, Sept 11 at 8pm



About the Artists

Robert T. Whyte is the initial fire-starter of the Liminal Qualia project. Robert is a designer, educator, and artist. His engineering background crashes head on with the non-scripted organic experiential nature of Liminal Qualia. Robert is not a musician, and views each performance as a “happening” where viewers’ senses are stimulated and meaning is then later implied. His drawing, planning and prototyping have made once discarded junk into something that makes you ask questions.

Nathan Whyte is co-founder and co-producer of Liminal Qualia. He is a multifaceted music industry entrepreneur, and as a recent university graduate he has the knowledge and practice to just make things happen. Nathan is a drummer at heart, yet plays multiple instruments in his many musical collaborations. His technical and trouble-shooting abilities keep Liminal Qualia viable and clear in purpose.

Juan Garces is an experimental electronic music artist with years of experience in performance, lighting and community building. He continues to be a serial musician with his solo work, as well as being a member of The Equinox Project, Black Thujone, Proteus-3, Liquid Sky, and The Melting Transistor. Juan’s work with visuals in Liminal Qualia keeps things alive.

Zackary  “Zeck” Rofrano is a self-proclaimed neutral spirit in search of creative execution in any variety of creative outlets. He joined Robert and Nathan early on in the LQ adventure with some mean soldering skills and an affinity for making “string” sound both grungy and ethereal.

Matthew Glick is the Owner of School of Rock in Deptford, NJ. He is a songwriter, producer, and musical astronaut known as the Frequency Maker. Matthew brings “spring” to life and beyond.

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