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List of Common Misconceptions

SEXx Interactive & Polyglamorous Productions

September 13 at 8:00pm

Runtime TBA

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Mary Magdalene wasn’t a sex worker, chastity belts weren’t really a thing in the Middle Ages, the word “fuck’ was never an acronym. These are some Common Misconceptions about sexuality and we’ll dive into many more, using the framework of a wacky after school special that includes burlesque, drag, theater and more.


SEXx Interactive and Polyglamorous Productions bring you a unique experience of sex education, countering common misconceptions about sexuality through the framework of an astoundingly weird after school special replete with burlesque, drag, live music, and muppets. Created by HoneyTree EvilEye, Tiel and a cast of brilliant idiots, this show will enlighten, entertain and weird you the hell out.


$15 / 90 minutes

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