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September 11 at 7:00pm

Runtime TBA


Sculpture CourtyardMap


Immerse yourself in a bubble of sound, color, light, and storytelling with the art troupe ROMPUS as they team up with local musicians to explore the crouching morals and hidden lessons found in folklore, fables, and fairy tales through large scale, improvised paintings, analogue visualizations, shadow, dance, and music.

$10 / Ongoing


Pictured: Jess Fisher, Brennan Crawford, Yona Yurwit    Credit: Karl McWherter Photography

ROMPUS creates large-scale improvisational paintings inspired by the surrounding people and sounds. We play with light, shadow, resists, dance, color and theatrics. As we paint, our bodies are hidden from the audience but also backlit, so that our shadows are a part of our work and the focus remains on the imagery.
ROMPUS was born in Spring 2013 while planning for a local music and sustainability festival, Beardfest. Inspired by the silk paintings created by one of the ROMPUS founders, Anne, we experimented with creating a huge back lit painting with watered down acrylic on a sheet nailed to some planks of wood. Since then we have gained more members, started incorporating new shadow tools, began incorporating choreography, and scaled up the size of our scrims. Each show, we explore new concepts, ideas, and imagery, always alongside music. Our work is meant to envelope the senses. Collaborating with musicians allows us to react and work with the music to create a synthesthetic experience for the audience. Typically we perform as an added visual experience to an already existing concert or festival. As we’ve scaled up and sharpened our act, we want to create a show that is equally about the visual experience as it is the sound.

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