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Love Stories

Denise McCormack

Sept 8 - 13 2018

2018 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA


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Wheelchair Accessible

Master storyteller Denise McCormack brings to life literary and traditional tales to capture the essence of women’s issues and issues of the heart. This one-woman stand-up sparks a flood of emotions and memories, as it revisits secret and soulful nuances of motherhood, childhood, family, and life—the dynamics of love. Intended for adults.

Pay What You Wish / 60 minutes






Join Master Storyteller Denise McCormack for her one-woman show Love Stories, carefully crafted tales that explore the human condition through the power of story. Each vignette highlights the dynamic nature of relationships and reflects the emotional turmoil that is interwoven in the choices and circumstances of our being, especially those related to women’s issues, of motherhood and family. These are not romantic stories; they are stories of our deepest natures and souls. They are stories that connect us and allow us to see into one anothers’ lives for understanding and empathy, for validation.” McCormack’s soulful performance of Love Stories premiered during Philly Theatre Week to rave reviews and has since been featured at various local and national venues. According to Katie Sorenson, development and events manager at The Center for Art in Wood, Denise McCormack approaches each story in detail, breathing life into them in such a way that captivates the audience. It is a wonderfully unique experience, and we highly recommend attending one of Denise McCormack’s performances. To request photos, interview, and more information, contact: Denise McCormack at

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