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Events Lurid Circumstance of the Flesh

Lurid Circumstance of the Flesh

MG Dance

Sep 21 2018

2018 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA


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Lurid Circumstance of the Flesh features two works. The first, The House; the hole (Quinlan), is a movement exploration on imprisonment and isolation and the subsequent descent into psychosis. Forelsket (Hurtado) touches on the experiences, euphoria, affliction, and psychopathy induced by addiction.

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Gina Quinlan and Marisela Hurtado recently received their Bachelors of Science in Dance from Drexel University. This month they will begin their continued education towards an M.A. in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling at Drexel. Their interests in this field led them to explore the concepts in these works within the realm their senior projects this past year. Stemming from their interests in the way that the human psyche connects with the way the human body experiences in the world, these pieces explore the ideas of being confined to an institution, mental state, or vice. Gina Quinlan grew up dancing in Northern California and has always had a passion for helping and healing which helped her realize that Dance/Movement Therapy was her calling. This training along with her experiences in becoming a Pilates instructor with the Drexel Pilates program under the direction of Jennifer Morley in 2016, inspired her to delve into the human experience and create movement that attempts to convey the body’s mental experience and physical response to the outside world. When attending the Trinity Laban Conservatoire for Music and Dance, in London, she began generating movement exploring vulnerable confinement and grotesque escapement. This along with personal experience of isolation and witnessing the profound isolation of others in the world inspired the creation of The House; the hole. This work will be premiering its third iteration this evening. Marisela Hurtado has been dancing in North Jersey for eighteen years and attended the Union County Academy for the Performing Arts. She completed a year-long Pilates certification program and attended the Trinity Laban Conservatoire for Music and Dance in 2016 for a semester abroad. These two experiences have allowed her to find a deeper connection between the mind and the body’s somatic response. She has a passion for working with different populations and for helping give a voice to those who don’t feel heard. Forelsket was created in collaboration with former recovering addicts, mostly from the Kirkbride Center. This group submitted writings and recordings that will be heard in the music presented during the work.

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