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Maybe Tomorrow

The Highland Lakes Players

September 8–October 2

2022 Fringe Festival

60 min

Pay What You Can

The Internet

Early one morning a few hours before Hurricane Hanna hits Corpus Christi, Texas. One still life with moving parts. One short story about three folks fishing at Bob Hall Pier for health, love, peace, respect, wealth. Whatever comes first.

Appropriate for all ages



The Highland Lakes Players from Austin, Texas including Sebastian Garcia as Manuel, Samantha Levine as Rosita, Raymond V. Whelan as Ramiro. Directed and written by Whelan.


About the Artist

We are three spirited performers based in Austin, Texas. Normally, we appear live on stage during the city’s annual Frontera Fest at Hyde Park Theatre. However, during the past two years, COVID-19 has forced organizers to cancel the Fest. We are glad the Philadelphia Fringe Festival has allowed us to present virtual performances online during the virus time.