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Conceived and Directed by Brad Ogden

Sept 9— Sept 18 2016

Runtime TBA


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We are selfish, unfeeling, unemployed narcissists; approval-seeking skeptics; tech addicts; parasites. We value brunch; identity capital; self-curation. We are slouching toward adulthood at a slow, highly individual pace because: We Are Special (every last one of us). Make room in the basement. #TheMillennialsAreComing

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Featuring the work of Nate Barnett, Aaron Bell, Nia-Samara C. Benjamin, Brandi Burgess, Arlen Hancock, Rae Labadie, Lou Misiano, Brad Ogden, Campbell O’Hare, Nick Schwasman, Ariana Sepúlveda, and Dana Weddell.

$8 / 70 minutes





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