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(miss) Julie

Svaha Theatre Collective

September 8 at 8:00pm

Runtime TBA

Cost TBA

Bainbridge GreenMap

When the Count’s away, everyone’s gonna play in this physical, ensemble driven adaptation of Strindberg’s Miss Julie. Svaha invites you to get lost in the midsummer festivities as the action unfolds around you. As the encroaching public gaze closes in, Julie must crawl through the mud, blood and shit to find wholeness.

$15 / 90 mins

Svaha Theatre Collective produces theatre that strives to find the epic in the everyday, to find the universal in the specific, and to uncover the collective connections within the individual human experience. Our productions explore the infinite potential of the human body, voice, mind, and soul through physically inspired interpretations of the text. Svaha creates an environment for theatre artists to explore their craft and to train on a regular basis in order to create a strong, supportive ensemble. The collective emerged from a masters thesis project at Villanova University which generated their first production, Crave by: Sarah Kane, performed in the 2016 Fringe Festival. Our adaptation of August Strindberg’s Miss Julie will be our second production to be produced in collaboration with Mz. Initiative. We hope that you’ll join the Svaha ensemble as we throw ourselves into the midsummer madness.


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