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Mistress of the Maze


September 17 at 5:00pm

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A thousand years before the Greeks wove the tale of the Labyrinth and the Minotaur, Ariadne was Mistress of the Maze. Masks, movement, and music interpret this new/ancient story of a Minoan goddess whose dominion extended over the sacred Labyrinth and its strange half-human and animal hybrid inhabitants.


Some archeologists have speculated that the Minoans of ancient Crete had a truly matriarchal society. Mistress of the Maze explores the rituals depicted in Minoan frescos, sculptures, and seals and the principle of female power embodied therein. The piece features dancers in contemporary, stylized masks and costumes based on Minoan iconography like the sacred bull, the Minoan genii, and the Mistress of Animals.


$15 / 50 minutes

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