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Christine Doidge, Amanda Holston, James Miller

September 15 at 9:30pm

Runtime TBA

Cost TBA

Fleisher Art MemorialMap

About Our Show:

MONARCH is one woman’s retelling of the story of Queen Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots. Fleisher Art Memorial’s beautiful sanctuary sets the stage for past to become present. Fill in the blanks of history (with an irreverent dose of fiction) as a centuries old rivalry comes to a head. Queens will rage. Crowns will fall. Heads will roll.

Pay What You Decide / 60 minutes

About Our Company:

Our motley crew consists of Christine Doidge, Amanda Holston, and James Miller, all Philadelphia based theatre artists who make work that melds entertainment with deep and universal human experience. We believe that people connect more fully with pieces that are fun, engaging, and entertaining, and that they more acutely feel the underbelly of human truth and experience when it’s couched in spectacle. We aim to create pieces of theatre that are visceral, heightened, and just down right fun.

About Our Mission:

We are interested in creating art that fosters community. We are excited to work with Fleisher Art Memorial because they serve a vibrant and diverse community of visual artists who don’t necessarily get the opportunity to cross-pollinate with theatre arts. We share their mission of arts accessibility, which is why all of our shows will be offered as “Pay What You Decide.” We are also currently working with Fleisher to create an interdisciplinary Sanctuary Series Event where students will learn the art of drawing the clothed figure using our costumes.

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