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Events Music for Children and Other Curious People

Music for Children and Other Curious People

Ants on a Log

Sept 15 - 22 2018

2018 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA

$5 – $10

Children’s Community SchoolMap

 “Curious: Think Outside the Pipeline” tells the musical story of Clio and her sibling Taylor as they strive to organize their town. With the help of a songful community, a dancing pencil, and you, dear audience, they strive for big change, even in the face of some bigger, more powerful people.

$5–$10 / 60 minutes



Sept 15
Children’s Community School
1212 South 47th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19143


Sept 22
Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Atonement
1542 East Montgomery Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19125


Ants on a Log is Julie Beth and Anya Rose. The folksy duo write music for children and other childlike people, songfully advocating for positivity, social justice, and silliness! The Ants have been featured on XPN’s Kids Corner, at the Philadelphia Folk Fest, and on radio stations around the globe. In 2016 the Ants performed their debut musical “Curious: Think Outside the Pipeline,” using the power of eco-feminist music and humor to encourage families to stay “curious” about alternatives to fossil fuels. In their off-stage lives, Julie is a music therapist and Anya is an elementary science teacher. Their powers combined make for smart and socially conscious folk, mostly originals with some must-know classics. Their harmonies and rhythmic play are a delight for children (and grown children!) of all ages.


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