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Musician, Model & Medical Experiment

Anomie Fatale

Sept 6 - 16 2015

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Musician, Model & Medical Experiment_Anomie Fatale


Anomie was born at age twenty on an operating table. Surgical experiments saved her life but left her disabled like a titanium lollipop. Once a biochem college student, now a cyborg mannequin, her original music and burlesque performances are a counter-culture reveal of a crippled underworld. Come see this fascinating story.
$15 / 60 minutes


Anomie Fatale was born at age twenty on an operating table in Great Neck, Long Island. The surgical experimentations that saved her life left her disabled with her skull and neck fused solid in place in a manner not unlike a titanium lollipop. Once an active biochemistry college student; now she is an eclectic cyborg mannequin. Her music and performances exemplify th1683-ab13436c70b238738d5e76d763fbad1ce counter culture of disability, showcasing creativity and the artistic outlets that give her something to do while holding out for medical science. Anomie wrote original songs and performed them with her band “Great Neck”. She was featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer in an article titled “Singing instead of Screaming.” The band played for a few years with alternate members, but currently Anomie is doing all of the instrumentation solo using electronic accompaniment as a sonic backbone. The songs are stories about her experiences as a musician with Arnold Chiari Malformation and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, but also sex with shadows, Greek mythology references, loving vampires, and hating SEPTA buses. Her influences are Siouxsie and the Banshees, Metric, Blondie, and Patti Smith. Anomie began doing burlesque as a favor to a friend who needed a disabled female for a feature role in the sideshow “Carnivolution”. She developed an affinity for it, and created acts where she could sing to theatrically compensate for her limited mobility. She chose classic songs such as “Sixteen Tons” by Tennessee Ernie Ford, and “No Regrets” by Edith Piaf for her performances. She has recently done shows in Philadelphia with the Whisky Kittens and “Sick and Sexy”, an organization she began for alternative models with disabilities and chronic illness. It is her ultimate goal to pursue her original music as a career. Her burlesq1683-e37a8444bc2810407a1fd83fba3b1b8aue is how she legally gets away with public nudity. As the research advances on her condition, she also believes she will one day be able to finish college and who knows, maybe even become a doctor. Her chin is always kept up, as she is following her nightmares. “I’d aspire to be inspiring rather than expiring.”-Anomie Fatale




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